Christmas 2015 Sale-10% off all tools/accessories

Sale valid through 12/31/15.
Sale is for in stock only items.
Hurry before stock runs out.
Looking for something different? We do custom orders!

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Grand Opening of Permaculture Tools USA!

 It has been an exciting first two weeks! I have already had sales!
 I would like to introduce myself.
My name is Aundrea Dugas. I am 21 years old and I received my certificate of Permaculture design this spring through Geoff Lawton’s Online Permaculture Design Course. I’m located in Stafford, VA–halfway between the Virginia state capital and […]

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Permaculture Earthworks Course

This Permaculture Earthworks Course will be a little different to other courses in earthworks hydrology construction, as you will be given the opportunity to operate an excavator to gain a good solid understanding of how it works and what it is capable of doing.

In this Permaculture Earthworks Course you will learn the theory and […]

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Matis tool article

Matis is a 15 year old teenage boy from the Netherlands who is interested in Permaculture, organic gardening, and he has a love of hand tools.

Matis was interested in getting a rice knife from us in exchange he wrote this article for us.

This is a knive from my grandma. It is used to cut down weeds. There is weight added in the handle so when you swing it with your wrist, the movement can go fast without making you very tired. It is mostly for weeds with a thick stem or plants like sunflowers. Grasses are hard to cut with this, you’d need to hold the grass and then cut several times. It is also useful for harvesting corn. Just let the knive go up the stem and then you’ll hit the corn and it will fall off. I don’t know if you can see it but there is a very light curve in the blade so it will cut easier. I also use it to make small planting holes.


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Permaculture Tools DVD

Permaculture Tools is putting together a Permaculture Tools DVD funded by kickstarter but we need your help.

Please share and please pledge what you can. Pledges start at $5
Digital DVD download pledge is only $20
Find the permaculture tools DVD kickstarter project here

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