How can we develop permaculture to have a professional image?  Can permaculture practices be met with scientific rigour? What is the next step in the evolution of future permaculture practitioners? Are all questions that motivate Danial Lawton, a second-generation permaculturalist in his work as a permaculture consultant, educator, entrepreneur and permaculture philanthropist.


Danial is the founder of, a long held dream centred on offering quality hand tools to the permaculture community worldwide with on the ground education in hand tools use, earth works hydrology and rural skills. Permaculture resources are freely available such as YouTube films on how to use, maintain and repair hand tools, permaculture related eBooks and a yearly scholarship.


Set in motion with a permaculture design course at the tender age of thirteen in Tena, Ecuador, Danial followed up with a Permaculture Diploma in site development, site design, and research.   At university Danial crammed in a Bachelor of Environmental science with double majors in ecology & conservation biology and Land & water management, a Masters in Environmental management and most recently a Masters in Environmental engineering.   Danial also completed many specialty courses during his tertiary studies including Industrial water and waste water treatment, hazardous waste management, Advanced water and waste water engineering, Renewable energy systems, Geographic information systems/remote sensing and ISO 14001 Environmental systems.


 With 15 years experience in the Permaculture field, Danial has worked for international permaculture projects in Central and South America, as water systems manager for Tagari farm (PRI Australia) and later as farm manager for Zaytuna farm (PRI Australia).   Within this time Danial has taught and facilitated a variety of Permaculture design and hands on courses through Griffith University, PRI Australia and Northey Street City Farm.   As a design consultant Danial draws on environmental science and permaculture principles to design sustainable systems worldwide and for local Australian clients and government organisations.


Danial’s research interests include water harvesting design, small space permaculture and appropriate technology.


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